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September 8, 2014

Lighting 101

When it comes to outdoor lighting, it is often an after thought for homeowners. Most of the focus is on the interior décor and the landscaping, but outdoor lighting is equally as important to highlight the landscaping, but if done incorrectly it can throw off the entire aesthetic of your well-manicured lawn.

Here are some basic rules to follow to ensure that your lighting blends well with the aesthetic of your house:

1-    Take Your Home’s Architectural Style Into Account: keep things simple, don’t create a theme with lights, use the lights within your current theme

2-    Don’t Undersize Lights: make sure the fixtures are large enough to be seen from the street

3-    Think About the Big Picture: start subtle and add more if you need it

Here are some go-to lighting fixtures for every room of the house:

1-    Lakehouse wall-mount lantern: ideal for garage or mudroom

2-    Gaslight: for a more classic, traditional home

3-    Mansard light: give the illusion of a flickering light

4-    String lights: perfect for a party atmosphere on a deck

5-    Metal lanterns: hung outside on a shepherd’s crook around a garden

6-    Barn lamp: hung in multiples over a dining table

7-    Outdoor pendant: hung on archways, pergolas, or trees

8-    Deck light: adds sophistication to stairs and decks

9-    Path lights: for subtle lighting outside, adds function and fun

10- Solar lantern: eco-friendly way to create a glow at night




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